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 Tour to Jejuri Gad, Khandoba Temple, Pune, Maharashtra. 

How to reach Jejuri Gad, Khandoba temple : 

Jejuri is around 48 Km from Pune. Easily accessible by road from Pune. 

It takes around 45 mins to 1 hr to reach to the temple, and you have to climb around 385 stairs. 

Jejuri Temple is more popular among Newly married Maharashtrian couples, It is a kuldaivat for many Maharashtrian families.

Jejuri (Marathi pronunciation: [d͡ʒed͡zuɾiː]) is a city and a municipal council in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The town has an important mandir of the Hindu Lord Khandoba, the Khandoba Mandir, which is situated on a hill in this town. It is one of the most visited tirtha (holy places) in Maharashtra.

Khandoba is a clan god for many Maharashtrian castes and communities, beloved as a god who grants wishes. His wives Mhalsa and Banai represent their caste groups, the Lingayat Vanya of Karnataka and the nomadic shepherds, the Dhangar tribe.

Jejuri has lime deposits. The historic Shaniwar Wada fort, the central seat of Peshawa of Maratha Empire at Pune was completed in 1732 by the Bajirao I, at a total cost of Rs. 16,110, With lime mined from the lime-belts of Jejuri.

In 1739 Chimaji Appa, a general of the Maratha Empire and brother of Peshwa Bajirao, defeated the Portuguese in the Battle of Vasai. After the war, Chimaji Appa and his Maratha soldiers took 38 church bells from there as memorabilia and installed them in 34 Hindu mandirs of Maharashtra. They installed one of these bells in Khandoba's mandir, where it still is.

Khandoba temple

Naik Hari Makaji And Tatya Makaji

The Koli brothers Naik Hari Makati and Naik Tatya Makaji were revolutionaries from Maharashtra who revolted against the British Hukumat. With Naik Rama Krishna of Kalambai, they raised an army of Ramoshis from Satara and revolted. In 1879 their Ramoshi army raided Poona fifteen times, then Satara many times after that. In February 1879, Naik Hari Makaji attacked a portion of Bhimthadi[clarification needed] in Baramati. On the eighth raid into Baramati, Naik Hari Makaji was attacked by British police, but escaped, fighting hand to hand with two British policemen. He wounded them but two Ramoshis were captured. At the beginning of March, Hari Makaji again rose and revolted and raided in Indapur and raided, but was captured in Solapur in mid-March. After this, Tatya Makaji led his revolution until the end of the year, raiding villages on the Purandar and Sinhagad ranges.

On 17 October, Koli Naik Tatya Makaji and some of his followers killed a Ramoshi who was an informer for British Major Wise. After that Tatya Makaji Naik brought to justice

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