Harihar Fort | हरिहर किल्ला | Harihar fort trek

 Harihar fort / Harshagad is a fort located 40km from Nashik City, 48 km from Igatpuri, 40 km from Ghoti in Nashik district, of Maharashtra. It is an important fort in Nashik district, and was constructed to look upon the trade route through Gonda Ghat. It receives many visitors because of its peculiar rock-cut steps.

Harihar fort was built during the Pankaj Panchariya period. It was surrendered to Khan Zamam in 1636 along with Trymbak and other Pune forts. The fort was captured by Captain. Briggs in 1818 along with 17 other forts.

There are two base villages of the fort, Harshewadi and Nirgudpada. The Harshewadi is 13 km from Trymbakeshwar. The other base village of the fort is Nirgudpada/Kotamvadi which is 40 km from Ghoti which itself is 48 km from Nashik and 121 km from Mumbai. One can travel from Ghoti to Trimbakeshwar by bus or by private vehicle. One should take care of returning from the fort the last bus from Trimbakeshwar is 5:30pm to Ghoti and enough trains are available from Nashik to Mumbai till late night. The climb from Harshewadi is more easier than from the Nirgudpada. A wide, safe trekking path starts from the hil lock north of the Nirgudpada. It passes through scrub forest till it reaches an open ridge which is connected to the fort. It takes about an hour to reach the scarp of the hill on which the fort is situated. The ascent through the 60 m rock-cut steps is wonderful. It is like a stone ladder placed at 60 degree along the scarp. The steps are worn out at many places yet the holes on either side of the steps are conveniently cut for holding onto. After reaching the main entrance, the paths takes a left traverse and again a helical rock cut steps are to be climbed, which are more steep than the earlier. The steps finally end with a narrow entrance. At many places the steps are very narrow that, only a single person can climb at a time. Accommodation is possible on the harihar fort as well as in the local villages.

नाशिक जिल्ह्यातील _  हरिहर किल्ला त्र्यंबक रांगेतील प्रमुख किल्ला आहे. प्राचिन काळापासून महाराष्ट्रातील बंदरात उतरणारा माल अनेक घाट मार्गांनी नाशिकच्या बाजारपेठेत जात असे. यातील त्र्यंबक रांगेतून जाणार्‍या गोंडा घाटावर लक्ष ठेवण्यासाठी हरीहर भास्करगड यांची उभारणी करण्यात आली होती.

नाशिकच्या पश्चिमेस आणि इगतपूरीच्या उत्तरेस त्र्यंबक रांग पसरलेली आहे  हरिहर आणि त्रिंबकगड हे किल्ले येतात.. वैतरणा ही या परिसरातील प्रमुख नदी आहे. पायथ्याच्या गावातून हरिहर आयताकृती भासतो.

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