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Kataldhaar waterfall trek || Lockdown Diaries || Trekking in Lonavla

June 19, 2021

“Kataldhar Waterfall Trek” gives us the immense pleasure of Trekking. “Katal” means the wall of Rock & “Dhar” means a Waterfall.

Located close to Lonavala, the Kataldhar trek takes about 4-5 hours to get to the waterfall. You'll start your trek by walking along a road that cuts through tropical forests. The waterfall is not too far from Rajmachi. Take on the challenge of an adventurous route | Traverse a dense forest filled with the sounds of nature. 

Kataldhar is a waterfall near Lonavala in Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This waterfall is not so famous because reaching the valley is somewhat difficult and requires basic trekking experience. Water is not available there for the whole year, but a good amount of water falls during the monsoon season.

Kataldhar Waterfall is located near Rajmachi Fort. To get there, find 3 mango trees on the Rajmachi Trekking route, at which point you can descend the Ulhas valley through dense forest. After reaching Kataldhar Waterfall you will see one eye shaped cave that could easily accommodate 100 people. At this cave, you will see Rajmachi Fort (Srivardhan Fort Balekilla).

The height of Kataldhar Lonavla is about 350 feet with an overhand of more than 100 feet. 


Tailbaila Trek, Mulshi, Pune, Maharashtra

January 17, 2021

 Tailbaila is also known as Telbaila or Telbail is a village and also a watch tower or so called fort nearby. It is a dyke structure consisting of twin walls separated by a V cut and temple. Perfect place for steep free rock climbing activities. Road conditions bad from Saltar Pass or Bayaji Khind.

One can also go to Savashini Ghat to Sudhagad and Waghjai Ghat to Thanala Caves

Easy trek till the temple but rock climbing will require ropes for safety. Contact some professional groups to climb. 

Tail Baila is a village in Mulshi taluka[1] of Pune District in the state of Maharashtra, India.Talukas surrounding the village are Karjat taluka, Talegaon Dabhade Taluka, Mawal taluka and by Khalapur taluka. Districts closest to the village are Raigad district, Thane district, Mumbai City district and Mumbai Suburban district. Nearest railway stations around the village are Vadgaon railway station, Begdewadi railway station, Lonavala railway station, Talegaon railway station and Kamshet railway station.


Chanderi Fort Trek - Most Challenging and Difficult Hiking in Maharashtra

January 11, 2021

 Chanderi Fort located at Chanderi in Ashoknagar District of Madhya Pradesh state in India is situated at a distance of 127 km from Shivpuri and 37 km from Lalitpur and about 45 km from Esagarh and 38 km from Mungoali It is located on a hill southwest of the Betwa River. Chanderi is surrounded by hills, lakes and forests and there are several monuments of the Bundela Rajputs and Malwa sultans. Chanderi finds mention in Mahabharata. Shishupal was the king of Mahabharata period.

Chanderi is located strategically on the borders of Malwa and Bundelkhand. History of Chanderi goes back to the 11th century, when it was dominated by the trade routes of Central India and was proximate to the arterial route to the ancient ports of Gujarat as well as to Malwa, Mewar, Central India and the Deccan. Consequently, Chanderi became an important military outpost.

Chanderi Fort, a vast Mughal fort, dominates the skyline of the lovely old town of Chanderi. The main gate of the fort is known as the "Khooni Darwaza". Chanderi fort is situated on a hill 71 meter above the town. The fortification walls were constructed mainly by the Muslim rulers of Chanderi. To the southwest of the fort there is a curious gateway called katti-ghatti made through a hill side.

Chanderi is mentioned by the Persian scholar Alberuni in 1030. Ghiyas ud din Balban captured the city in 1251 for Nasiruddin Mahmud, Sultan of Delhi. Sultan Mahmud Khilji of Malwa captured the city in 1438 after a siege of several months. In 1520 Rana Sangha of Mewar captured the city, and gave it to Medini Rai, a rebellious minister of Sultan Mahmud II of Malwa. The Mughal Emperor Babur captured the city from Medini Rai, and in 1540 it was captured by Sher Shah Suri, and added to the governorship of Shujaat Khan. The Mughal Emperor Akbar made the city a sarkar in the subah of Malwa. The Bundela Rajputs captured the city in 1586, and it was held by Ram Sab, a son of Raja Madhukar of Orchha. In 1680 Devi Singh Bundela was made governor of the city with his commander in chief and prime minister of chanderi state Maharaja Chaubey Bhim singh, and Chanderi remained in the hands of his family until it was annexed in 1811 by Jean Baptiste Filose for the Maratha ruler Daulat Rao Sindhia of Gwalior. The city was transferred to the British in 1844. The British lost control of the city during the Revolt of 1857, and the city was recaptured by Sir Hugh Rose on February 14, 1858. Richard Harte Keatinge was awarded the Victoria Cross for leading this assault. The city was transferred back to the Sindhias of Gwalior in 1861, and became part of Isagarh District of Gwalior state. After India's independence in 1947, Gwalior became part of the new state of Madhya Bharat, which was merged into Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 1956.

Chanderi Fort is located near Chinchavli Village which is about 10km from Vangani railway station and 16km from Badlapur Railway station.

Chanderi Fort is one of the challenging and adventures trek in Maharashtra. 

Height of Chanderi Fort is about 790m above sea level.

In this video, we will guide you how to reach Chanderi Fort.  Chanderi Fort offers great view of Mhaismal, Malangad, Navra-Navri and Tavli and Prabalgad, Irshalgad and Kalavantin Durg in Panvel region.

Chanderi Fort is one of the Challenging Trek in Maharashtra.


Prabalgad | Prabalgad Fort | प्रबळगड - छत्रपती शिवरायांच्या पदस्पर्शांने पावन झालेला गड.

January 10, 2021

 Prabalgad (also known as Muranjan, Pradhangad or Prabalmachi) is a fort located between Matheran and Panvel and comes under the Raigad District in the state of Maharashtra, India.

The Prabalgad Fort stands at an elevation of 2,300 feet (700 m) in the Western Ghats. The fort was previously known as Muranjan until it was taken over and renamed by the Maratha forces under chatrapati Shivaji's rule. Its sister fort is Irshalgad. Right next to Prabalgad, to its north, lies the steep Kalavantin pinnacle.

The Prabalgad Fort was built by the Bahmani Sultanate to keep an eye on the Panvel Fort and the Kalyan Fort in the North Konkan area.[citation needed] Around 1458 A.D, "Malik Ahmad" the prime minister of the kingdom of Ahmednagar, took over the fort during his conquest of Konkan.[3][failed verification] After disintegration of the Bahmani Sultanate, the fort remained with the Ahmadnagar Sultanate.

During the collapse of the Ahmadnagar Sultanate, Shahaji led a helping hand against the separate forces of the Mughal Empire and the Adil Shahi dynasty. After the collapse of the Sultanate, he moved to Muranjan along with his wife Jijabai and son Shivaji for a brief period of time.

However, following Shahaji's defeat and the agreement of Mahuli, North Konkan along with the fort, was ceded to Mughals who granted ruling authority of the area to Adilshah of Bijapur. Shivaji conquered the fort from the Mughals in 1657 A.D, after which he established himself in the Kalyan-Bhivandi area.

During the attack by Shivaji, the fort was governed by "Kesar Singh", a Mughal sardar, and was the only fort to put up a strong resistance. Singh died during the battle in October 1657. Kesar Singh's mother hid herself and her grandchild during the attack. Shivaji, in an act of kindness made sure the lady and the child were allowed a safe passage out.

In the year 1826, Umaji Naik, a freedom fighter and his associates were believed to have made the fort as their home for a brief period of time.

Prabalgad lies on the prabal plateau between Matheran and Panvel and can be easily spotted from the Mumbai-Pune expressway. The Ulhas River runs to the east of the fort while the "Gadhi River" runs to the west. The Patalganga River is to the south.

The forts of Chanderi and Peb are to the west. The Manikgad Fort is to the south while the Karnala fort is located towards the north.

Kalavantin Durg is a 685m high pinnacle on the northern edge of the Prabal plateau. It is located near the Machi and near the Vajepur village.

Prabalgad | Prabal Gad | prabalgad | प्रबळगड | Vinayak Parab | Prabalgad Fort | 

Prabalgad fort located between Matheran and Panvel and comes under the Raigad District in the state of Maharashtra, India.


उत्तर कोकणातील हा किल्ला त्याच्या मुलुखात असलेल्या पनवेल, कल्याण या प्राचीन बंदरांवर नजर ठेवण्यास असावा. किल्ल्यावरील गुहांच्या अभ्यासावरुन त्यांचा कालखंड बौद्ध कालाशी जोडता येतो. त्यांच्यावरील मनुष्यनिर्मित गुहांमुळेच उत्तरकालातील शिलाहार, यादव या राज्यकर्त्यांनी त्याला लष्करी चौकी बनवून मुरंजन असे नाव दिले. बहामनीच्या कालात हा किल्ला आकारास आला असावा. नंतर अहमदनगरच्या निजामशाहीच्या ताब्यात तो आला. निजामशाहीच्या अस्तावेळी शहाजीराजांनी निजामशाहीच्या वारसाला छत्र धरून निजामशाही वाचवण्याचा प्रयत्न केला. पण मोगल सम्राट शाहजहान आणि विजापूरचा आदिलशहा यांनी तह करून आपल्या संयुक्त फौजा शहाजीराजांच्या मागावर पाठवल्या. तेव्हा शहाजीराजे कोंढाणा व मुरंबदेवाच्या डोंगरात निघून गेले. नंतर कोकणात जंजिऱ्याच्या सिद्दीकडे गेले असता त्याने आश्रय नाकारल्यावर चौलला पोर्तुगीजांकडे गेले. पण त्यांनीही नकार दिल्यावर शहाजीराजे जिजाऊ, बालशिवाजी आणि लष्करासह मुरंजनावर गेले. 

शिवरायांनी जावळीच्या चंद्रराव मोरेला हरवून जावळी ताब्यात घेतली, त्याचवेळी म्हणजे १६५६ मध्ये शिवरायांचा शूर सरदार आबाजी महादेव याने कल्याण भिवंडी पासून चेऊल ते रायरीपर्यंतचा सारा मुलूख स्वराज्यात घेतला. तेव्हा मुरंजन शिवाजी महाराजांच्या ताब्यात आला. किल्ल्याचे नाव बदलून किल्ले प्रबळगड असे ठेवण्यात आले. पुढे १६६५ मध्ये पुरंदरच्या तहानुसार मोगलांना दिलेल्या २३ किल्ल्यांमध्ये प्रबळगड शिवाजी महाराजांनी दिला. जयसिंगाने किल्ल्यावर राजपूत केशरसिंह हाडा हा किल्लेदार नेमला. पुढे पुरंदरचा तह मोडला. मराठे किल्ले परत घेत असतांना मराठयांशी झालेल्या लढाईत केशरसिंह धारातीर्थी पडला. तत्पूर्वी राजपूत स्त्रियांनी जोहार केला. केशरसिंहाची आई व दोन मुले किल्ल्याच्या झडतीत सापडले.शिवरायांच्या आदेशानुसार त्याने सन्मानाने देऊळगावी मोगल छावणीत पाठवण्यात आले. 

पोहोचण्याच्या वाटा :


शेडुंग मार्गे :-

मुंबईहून किंवा पुण्याहून येणार्‍यांनी पनवेल गाठावे. जून्या पनवेल - पुणे हमरस्त्यावर शेडुंग गावाकडे जाणारा फाटा आहे. एस्‌टी चालकांना सांगून शेडुंग फाट्यावर उतरावे. हमरस्त्यावरून जाणारी वाट पकडावी अर्ध्या तासाच्या रस्त्यावर शेडुंग गाव लागते. शेडुंग गावापासून (अंतर ५ किमी) ठाकुरवाडीपर्यंत चालत जावे. ठाकुरवाडी हे गडाच्या पायथ्याचे गाव आहे. गावातून वाट थेट आपल्याला प्रबळमाचीवर घेऊन जाते. प्रबळमाचीवर जाण्यास १ तास लागतो. प्रबळमाची गावातून समोरच किल्ला व कलावंतीणीचा सुळका यामधील खिंडीतून कलावंतीणीच्या सुळक्यावर जाण्यासाठी कातळात खोदलेल्या पायर्‍यांची वाट आहे. प्रबळमाची गावातून किल्ल्याचा माथा डावीकडे ठेवत ३० मिनीटे चालल्यावर एक घळ दिसते . येथून गडावर जाण्यास एक तास पुरतो. ठाकूरवाडी जाण्यास पनवेलहून बसेस आहेत,